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Visual Art

I am a self-taught visual artist who works with the medium of acrylic paint on paper, canvas and wood panel. All works listed below are available for purchase. For more information, please reach out through the "Contact" section

Topography Series

Clockwise, upper left to right: Topography III (24 '' X 30 "),  Topography II (23.5 '' X 20 "), Topography I  (SOLD, 23.5 '' X 20 ")

"Topography" augments vivid hues amongst the juxtaposition of micro and macro sized objects. This is executed through the enlargement of botanicals against broad bird’s eye views of topographies. These environmental elements explore the possibilities in not only how they each can “fit” from a compositional and proportional standpoint, but also a means to investigate the environmental impact in the midst of the climate crisis across distances between my birth place, Alberta, Canada, and current residency of Hawai’i.


Upon first viewing, each painting projects a mask of beauty, but between layers of plant life are cropped aerial land masses of Albertan oil excavation sites. What may initially appear as a nod from the traditions in landscape and still life painting, further challenges the viewer to observe, upon closer inspection, threads that tie drastically different geographies and both their negative and positive impacts on one and other. 

Instagram Filter Series

Facebook Face Filter Series: Portraits of friends from FaceTime 

Clockwise from botton left: "Rob," "Rebecca," "Patrick"

[60X60 cm, 23.5X23.5 inches, acrylic paint on wooden panel

EP 1 is the companion music to "Patrick" and "Rob"

Album Covers

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